Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prometheus Has Landed

It has been a long wait, but finally the flurry of great summer releases are finally here! June kicked off with one of the most anticipated films of the year, Ridley Scott's alien fable: Prometheus.

The protagonist of the film, archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw
(Noomi Rapace), escapes after a "foreign entity" was removed
from her stomach.  
Ridley Scott is most popular for the Alien series, and this film continues on that... well sort of. What is really interesting about Prometheus is that it exists in the same universe and timeline as the original Alien movies, but sports a completely independent storyline and theology. This allowed for some breathing room for newcomers to view Prometheus as a stand alone feature, while also rewarding hardcore fans of the series with foreshadowing and background from things that appear in the later Alien films. But what exactly is happens in Prometheus, and is it an entertaining and successful movie?

The official movie poster
of Prometheus

Prometheus focuses on the origin of life, boosting a rich storyline centered on the human cast trying to discover the nature of their creation. Two archaeologists discover ancient paintings that reveal the location of a star-system galaxies far away, with the allusion to some sort of greater being. Believing the system shown might be the galaxy of their creators, they journey there after receiving funding and a ship called the Prometheus. The supposed creators are referred to by the cast as the "Engineers," and believe them to be a superiorly advanced race that engineered the our species. Once landing on the planet they discover they may not have found the answers to the origin of human life, but perhaps the answers to the end of it.

Android David (Michael Fassbender)
analyzes the Engineer's space map.
If you want to know more you are going to have to check out Prometheus for yourself, which I highly recommend. In my opinion Prometheus is the best film of the year so far, and perhaps even my personal favorite of the Alien series (very close between Prometheus and the original Alien). It is visually stunning, grotesque in nature, and will have leaning on the edge of your seat clenching your stomach in agony. It's brilliantly plotted, with deep and intense allegories the origin of life and human purpose. It ties in the storyline of the alien series in an ingenious fashion, and instead of spoon-feeding you Ridley Scott really leaves much of the story something to be pondered upon. If you are a fan of Alien series, a Sci-Fi fan, or just love movies that engage your analytical thinking skills, than this film is for you.

But don't just take my word for it, take a look at some of the major movie-rating entities below.

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