Saturday, June 2, 2012

Electronic Entertainment Expo: Innovation Unveiled

I regret to inform you that I did not come out with a video post this week as my roommate locked the contact paper I was going to use for a backdrop in his room when he left town. I hope to have "anchored" videos starting next week once I get the backdrop done, but now onto the topic at hand: The Electronic Entertainment Expo.

This isn't going to be some extravagant and fully comprehensive preview guide to E3, but the highlights of the Expo. Let's Begin...

The major innovation stirring interest at E3 this year is the announcement and hands-on-look at Nintendo's next generation gaming system,"Wii U." Nintendo is looking to jump back to the top of the gaming world with the release of this incredibly innovative system, but did they go too far?

Wii U feature trailer released by Nintendo at last years E3 presentation

Many of the reasons the Nintendo Wii did not stack up to the dominate forces of Xbox and Playstation has much to do with the hardware. Nintendo has taken the route to be the "innovate" gaming company and provide gamers with an increasingly interactive experience. They failed in this experience, however,  to capture the core of gamers who still preferred Microsoft's and Sony's console based system. The Nintendo Wii didn't have a strong enough line-up of games, or the processing power and interface to keep up with the traditional consoles. The biggest failure was in the ingenuity. Many gamers want to kick back and relax while they game, and so a completely interactive experience that forced them to stand up and be engaged physically turned away many potential buyers.

A preview of the Legend of Zelda demonstrates Nintendo's
upgrade to HD on with the new Wii U. 
From what I have seen with Wii U, however, it looks as though Nintendo may have finally got it right. The new controller acts as it seems a portable device, allowing you to stop playing your game on the television, and take it with you somewhere else--pure brillance. Nintendo has also made the jump to full HD, and I have got to say that seeing the Legend of Zelda's protagonist Link in HD has got me excited to get my hands on the console.

Facechat features will be included
on Nintendo's new Wii U console.
It appears they took the right steps in ingenuity with features such as video calling and web surfing, really making the Wii U look like a central hub from a complete media experience. I am really excited to see what else Wii U brings to the table when it debuts on the presentation floor on Tuesday.

So the Wii U is the major innovation, but what are the major releases that will be making the headlines next week? I have the answers...

343 industries' Halo 4 is one of E3's most anticipated games
The first title that is sure to draw interest at E3 is Halo 4, the next installment in one of Microsoft's most prolific series. After a major let down from the last game released in the series, fans are looking for Halo 4 to bring back that classic Halo experience they fell in love with as kids. Much of the game layout and story has been kept in the dark, but you better believe that is all about to change with the first hands-on-look at the game coming up next week.

Another major title will be from Call of Duty series, Black Ops 2. I have to be honest I have some intense criticism about this game being staged in the future, and in my opinion a faulty game could kill the dominance Call of Duty has exerted over other titles for the past few years.

One title flying massively under the radar right now would be Resident Evil 6. In an unexpected move the game developers actually pushed up the release date of the game (extremely rare in today's day and age), and with three distinct story modes and an emphasis on hollywood style action this game is sure to thrill.

E3 starts next week and I will be following closely, so be sure to check back often for updates on the Expo.

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