Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is a Nerd?

Hello, and thank you for visiting #NerdLife--indulging your Inner-Nerd with the latest in video game releases, movie reviews, and technology trends! In my experience, I have seen that society has come to view the term "nerd" in a very negative light, but I have always questioned why? I believe that everyone has an "inner-nerd," or a piece of them that secretly indulges interest into some form of fantasy, technology, etc. If I could define what a nerd is, I would say that a nerd is someone who doesn't act to please society norms, but outright expresses their interest without restraint. "Nerdiness" does not lend itself to one particular set of ideas, but is rather an life approach to a more complete knowledge. A true nerd is one who dedicates a part of themselves to their particular interests, and so there are an infinite possibility of nerds that exist.

I've created this blog to express and share my interests with all the other true nerds out there--the video game nerds, movie nerds, every nerd. This blog will not focus exclusively on first person shooter video games or science fiction movies, but share my personal nerd indulgences with other people to broaden the conversation. The ideology behind this blog is to provide pertinent information about trending topics while disseminating the nerd stereotype. It's designed to be a platform for conversation about what nerds really care about.

Release your inner-nerd and be sure to check back frequently for articles about video game releases, movie reviews, and technology trends!

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